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The Sangriaville Community

An empowering support organization for the unique needs of women

About Us


To contribute positively to the lives of others and make our communities better places to live through our ongoing kindness and generosity to one another.


To bring together a diverse group of mature, progressive, creative women, who support and celebrate each other so that we can teach and learn from one another, foster meaningful and lasting relationships through a variety of social activities and events.

Who We Are

Women, 21 and older, single and married, love God, down to earth, productive, optimistic, diverse, and most of all, looking to enjoy life!

The Journey To Here

In the summer of 2007, I was in the throes of separation and eventually divorce from my spouse of 12 years. As I reflected over my life, I noticed that in my quest to be a good wife and mother, I had lost my identify of self, felt disconnected from my friends and realized how I had neglected my own needs as well as the needs of my sister-friends.

Denise E. Walker / Founder

I knew that I needed to re-connect with the women in my life.

So on July 25, 2007, I gathered women who were inspirational in my life for fellowship and just to say "Thanks" for being there. Their support and experience was beneficial in helping me transition through this very difficult period of my life. All of the women were from various age groups and backgrounds but had shared similar life experiences.  

It was out of this very personal need and expression of love that The Sangriaville Community was formed.

Why the name Sangriaville? One of the women in the original group mixes a 'mean' homemade Sangria. She introduced this drink to me on Mother's Day 2007 at a brunch she was having at her home in honor of the women in her life. The Sangria was introduced to the group at our very first gathering and has been incorporated at every gathering since.

That one gathering has evolved into additional events over the years in celebration and support of our extensive network of talented women. We could have never imagined that each gathering would be a larger event than the last and would become an inspiration to so many.  

Alfreda Wilburn / Co - Founder

Myself, along with my dear sister-friend Alfreda Wilburn realized that these small gatherings were so powerful that we needed to expand beyond our initial social network and create a network that provides support for all of the unique needs of women.

The Sangriaville Community allows a place for women to share their feelings and concerns, explore creative ways to cope with their problems, learn from one another and celebrate, promote and support life events. Whatever our goals are individually, together we will reach them faster, stronger, and happier.