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The Sangriaville Community

An empowering support organization for the unique needs of women

***The Sangriaville Community Suggested Reading***

Honey, Make That Money, Don't Let It Make You

Author: Tina Honey

"Beyond the Tears"

Author: Joyce Green

Power Talk

Author: Dr. Mary Segars

Woman Arise

Passionately Pursued by Love


I Believe You Little One (children's book)

Author: Lora D. Williams

Peace from Broken Pieces: How to get through what you are going through - Click on the

book title to learn more...

Author: Iyanla VanZant

Memoirs of the Human Experience and everything in between

Author: Ber-Henda Williams

200 Women

Geoff Blackwell & Ruth Hobday

***Suggested Websites/Blogs***