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The Sangriaville Community

An empowering support organization for the unique needs of women

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Relax, Reflect, Rejoice and Renew

Posted on September 15, 2010 at 1:57 PM
Greetings Ladies...
Working on changes to our site and I found this old post from last year.  Notice the date, ladies.  I originally posted this on our old website 1 year to the date.   Wow!!! I decided to re-post on our new website in honor of our new blogging page. 
September 15
Greetings Sangriaville Sisters,
I have been working on decorating my house since relocating to Texas and my latest project is putting the final touches on my bedroom.   My plan was to create a calm and peaceful place for my rest, and eh, rejuvenation.  With that being said, I have been looking for wall hangings and pictures that convey an encouraging message, e.g. Faith, Love, Hope, an inspirational quote or scripture.  I was blessed to come across exactly what I was looking for about 3 weeks ago in my local T.J. Maxx.
It was a wall hanging that complimented the colors in my room (purple, violet, lavendar, cream and sage green) and also blended with the wood accents of my furniture (details so important to us girls, lol) but what caught my attention and had me running to the register with my find, were these simple words:  RELAX, REFLECT, RENEW.
Those are the 3 things that I want to be able to accomplish on a daily basis so the wall hanging possessed the ultimate message and was a perfect addition to accent my bedroom.   I came home and immediately found the perfect spot for this hanging right above my bed as a reminder to release all negative energy before entering my place of peace and rest. 
A few days later, I stumbled across a devotional (I just love how God works in our lives) that provided me with a different passion for the meaning of these words and really put it all in perspective.  I wanted to share this devotional from inspirational speaker, Peggie O'Neill, with all of you and hopefully you will be blessed by her words just as I have been. 
Her devotional also gave me a better appreciation of PEACE...
Praise and thank God in all things,
Enjoy the beauty of the moment,
Appreciate your gifts,
Choose to forgive and
Encourage others.

In HIS love and mine,
You Sangriaville Sis, "Denise"

Relax…..Reflect…Rejoice…and Renewby Peggie O'Neill

There is a Danish folk story about a peasant’s dying wish. On his death bed he asked his son to promise him that he would sit alone and reflect every day for 20 minutes. The son honored his Father’s wish and he became the wisest and most respected leader in the village. One of the villagers asked him how he had become so wise. He answered, “Every day, for 20 minutes, I silently reflect on God’s love for me and I rejoice in who I am.”

When was the last time you sat quietly for 20 minutes and reflected on God’s love for you and rejoiced in who you are? Rejoice means to give joy, to feel joy, to take delight. God created you to take delight in Him as He takes delight in you. Rejoice in His glory. Rejoice in His creation. You are His creation. Every day that you are blessed to be awaken affords you the opportunity to step back, relax, reflect and rejoice in being you.

We live in a “To Do” culture. We feel guilty if we dare take time to relax and just be. We run around like maniacs: Doing! Doing! We schedule “doing” on Sundays, Saturdays and holidays. It’s as if we’re afraid to stop, relax and enjoy just being.

“Silence shows us what we should be: Society shows us what we are.” (Richard Cecil).

You can take time to relax, reflect, rejoice and renew your spirit in the morning in your bedroom, out on the porch, walking in the neighborhood or on the beach, or in your favorite chair.

Be good to yourself.  You deserve to take time to just be you. Take the old Danish peasant’s advice. Rest, Relax and Reflect on who you are, and not what you do. Rejoice inyou.

Give your children the gift of learning to rest in God's love. Help them relax, reflect and rejoice in who they are. This gift will help your children navigate through the challenges of life with a calm heart and a joyous spirit.

Promise yourself you will eliminate unnecessary pressures from your life as often as possible.  Relax go off into a quiet corner- take three deep breaths and Reflect on your blessings. Rejoice in your family. Relax with your friends; laugh, tell stories, and spend time just loving and appreciating each other. Renew your spirit, and you will have more joy and peace.

God’s loves you and your family-enjoy His peace; Love Peg

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